Gabriela Sánchez Apodaca (Mexico City, 1972), has a degree in Textile Design from the Universidad Iberoamericana, and is a candidate for a Visual Communication teacher. Over the years, he has incorporated his academic training into his work as a visual artist. Activity that is currently dedicated full time.

Since graduating from the Master's in Visual Communication, Sánchez Apodaca has been consolidating a career that combines the personal search for a poetics based on the technical mastery of materials, with a set of individual and collective exhibitions. In this area, there are exhibitions in cities such as Chicago (USA), Havana (Cuba), Oaxaca (Mexico), San Miguel de Allende (Mexico) and different spaces and museums in Mexico City and Cuernavaca; through which Gabriela Sánchez shows a clear consolidation of her own discourse and increasingly solid in its forms of aesthetic enunciation.

It is difficult to think that this process that led Sanchez Apodaca to find an original and solid discourse could have been given without his contact with Professor Huascar Taborga, who introduces it to the understanding and incorporation of fundamental parts of the oriental aesthetic. In particular, the notion of gestures and movement, with which the artist expands its production codes and converts facts such as the selection of paper or ink into definitive parts of her creation process.

Between 2002 and 2016, Gabriela Sánchez integrates a numerous and diverse work in which, however, some common elements have an impact. Among them, his exploration of the line as a form of representation undoubtedly stands out. At the same time as his increasingly broad notion of writing in its original sense, that is, as an inscription. It is from this time that the artist's conviction arises that the origin of the stroke is the stroke itself.

Thus, in Sanchez Apodaca each writing, opens on the canvas an incisive line that penetrates, marks and erases its own path. The crack that makes visible and hides the being.

Gabriela Sánchez currently combines the time she dedicates to her intense production of work and the delivery of workshops in different techniques.

Antonio Tenorio

Curriculum vitae



"Transitions. Cycles of Time"

Torre del Reloj Gallery, Polanco. Mexico DF


"Graphics. Slowness-Memory-Speed-Forgetfulness "

Torre del Reloj Gallery, Polanco. Mexico DF


"Resonances. Ultrasound of the moment "

Forum Ma. Del Carmen Millán, Radio Education, Mexico City


"No-Two, Everything is Connected"

Centro Cultural del Pedregal Mexico, DF




Elara Communications., Mexico City

The Executive Innovation Summit 2007

Club de Industriales, Polanco, Mexico City



"8x8 Self Portrait Exhibition"

33 Contemporary Gallery. Chicago IL


Atelier AndersARTig Solingen. Germany


Leipzig, Hauptbahnhof. Germany

"Artbox Project New York 1.0"

The Stricoff Gallery. New York, NY

"Hispania 2018"

Art Gallery Yuri López Kullins. Madrid Art Gallery Yuri López Kullins. Mexico


"Encounter of Two Worlds"

Iberoamerican Cultural Center. Huelva, Spain

"Flawed in Abundance"

The New Art Center in Newton, Massachusetts.

"Female Freedom"

UNAM, San Antonio, Tx.


"7 + 1"

Stella Magni Gallery, Countess, Mexico City

"40 Artists, 40 years of humanism in art"

Stella Magni Gallery, Countess, Mexico City

"Project 17"

San Ángel Cultural Forum, Mexico City

"Every world your Art"

Pedro Gerson Gallery, Israelite Sports Center, Mexico City


"Mini Print International"

Fort Gallery Workshop. Cadaqués, Spain


"II Hall of Contemporary Visual Art"

Borda Garden, Cuernavaca, Morelos.


"Love in a Thread"

FI Diversidad Artística, Polanco, Mexico City

"I Contemporary Visual Art Salon"

Borda Garden, Cuernavaca, Morelos

"De a Cachitos"

FI Diversidad Artística, Polanco, Mexico City

2008 - 2009

"The Market Bag" Mamaz "

Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum. Chicago, Illinois, USA

Popular Art Museum, MAP, Mexico City

La Curtiduría, Oaxaca, Oax., Mexico

Casa Lamm, Col. Roma, Mexico City

10 Biennial of Havana, Cuba

"My Corn"

La Curtiduría, Oaxaca, Oax., Mexico

National Center for the Arts CNA. Mexico DF



Japanese calligraphy

Shu-ken Mexico, DF


"The Art of Preserving"

Museum of the Casona Spencer. Cuernavaca, Morelos.


Master's Degree in Visual Communication

Simon Bolivar University, Mexico D .F.


Bachelor in Textile Design

Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City


Large Format Oil Diploma

CEMA Cuernavaca, Mor., Mexico


Abstract Painting Diploma

Hellenic Theater. Mexico DF


2018 Artistic Residence Grant, Truro Center for the Arts, Castle Hill. MA, USA.

2007-2009 Founder and Member of IF Artistic Diversity, Polanco. Mexico. DF



Calligraphy Performance. Ryuuki Kuwana. Tokyo Japan.

Oil painting workshop. José Luis Malo Mexico DF

Extended Writings Laboratory Rocío Cerón Cloister of Sor Juana. Mexico.


Encaustic and Screenprint Workshop, Oakland CA, Shawna Moore, Jiff Hirst USA


Digital and Printed Portfolio MUAC, Mauricio Esquivel, Mexico City


Cold wax Studio 5, Victor Guadalajara, Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico


Encaustic Painting, Gwen Plunckett., Houston Tx. USES


Painting in Acetate. Hugo Kiehnle. Polanco Mexico DF


Abstract Expressionism. Moisés Ladrón de Guevara. Cuernavaca, Mexico

Founder FI Diversidad Artística, Polanco, México, DF

Art Marketing Tower 13. Blanca González Rosas. Mexico DF

Oil format. CEMA Cuernavaca, Mor., Mexico


Experimental Curatorship Tower 13. Blanca González Rosas. Mexico DF

Artistic concept Tower 13. Blanca González Rosas. Mexico DF

Temple and Oil. Elisa Cano Cuernavaca, Mor., Mexico


Sumi-e. Huascar Taborga Cuernavaca, Mor., Mexico

Water techniques (inks and watercolor). Huascar Taborga Cuernavaca, Mor., Mexico

Watercolor. Society of Watercolorists of Morelos. Cuernavaca, Mor., Mexico


Diploma in Abstract Painting. Hellenic Theater. Rocío Klapés. Mexico DF


Creative Solving Problem. Creative Education Foundation. Buffalo NY


Natural dyes. Cloister of Sor Juana. Androna Linartas. Mexico DF


Yuri López Kullins Gallery, Mexico

Yuri López Kullins Gallery, Madrid