Sign or not sign the boxes?

The style is the reflection of the ideas of a painter.

 Fernando Botero

Why do not you sign your pictures? I was asked in my first solo exhibition in the year 2007 "Arteknia." A sample composed of 40 works in different unsigned techniques. Intentionally, do not sign any of the works in front of you. I signed from behind with the purpose of not conditioning the form and meaning of each work. The absence of a signature attracted a lot of attention.

For me the idea of an abstract is that the observer can finish composing the piece from his own experience and decide which way to hang it to look at it. Therefore, on that occasion, I decided not to sign in front.

Currently it is still a recurring theme in my workshops. The question of the signature has always been a topic to address. There is emotion, nerve, insecurity and stress when it comes to embodying the final artist's print. There are no rules to sign. The author can do what he wants with it: sign, do not sign, put the initials, the full name, a sign, something distinctive.

In my opinion the signature does not have to be the closing end point or the mark that determines that the painting is finished. However, it is an element that must be considered and treated in a similar way as the rest of the work.

Nowadays, depending on the series and the technique, I decide whether I sign my paintings in front or not. Always accompanied by the back with the technical sheet. In it I include: name of the piece, measurements, technique, author and a photo of the work.

I try to make my signature subtle and not to distract the viewer from view.

Gabriela Sánchez