... where there is a point, there is a path.

Peter H. Reynolds

Point. Line. Scribble. Stain. Texture. What is your brand? Inspired by a children's book called "The Point" by Peter H. Reynolds, the phrase "just put your mark" became my personal mantra when it comes to working and teaching.

In the story we see a frustrated girl in front of a blank sheet. He does not know what to draw and the time of his class ended. However, her teacher believes that everyone has a creative capacity within her and encourages her to put her own brand. In the words of the author: "You only have to make a small mark and observe where it takes you." Vashti, the girl, puts a point.

Starting is not always easy. What do I paint, what do I ask my students? Sometimes it paralyzes. The blank canvas or sheet can be intimidating above all because we do not want to spoil it. It is part of the creative process. Overcome the fear or the introject of not believing ourselves capable of painting.

My brand is the line. It is what has defined my work in recent years. The lines register the moment. I find in each line the exploration of a look of my own. Each stroke is a gesture, a trace; the testimony of a unique and unrepeatable voice. I listen to my students; yours are the stripes, your stroke is very loose, you make me the line.

"Where there is a point, there is a path" says Reynolds. It's easy to say, make your brand a point. However it is possible to make that point, your point. Take time, practice and above all confidence that this will make you stand out among the other points. Yours.

Gabriela Sánchez